Finding Scrooge

By Jason C. McDonald
Illustrated By Samuel Morgainne Blight
Foreword by Steve Oliver

Once upon a time –
of all the good days in the year,
on Christmas Eve...

Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge are busy preparing for their holiday celebration. Five years have passed since Scrooge’s miraculous transformation, the strange circumstances of which no one could ever quite account for.

But when Scrooge fails to make his annual appearance at Fred’s dinner party, everyone is alarmed. Nephew Fred, Bob Cratchit, his son Tim, and Martha Cratchit’s fiancé Daniel set out into the grip of a snowstorm to locate Mr. Scrooge. Their journey will take them right into one of the darkest slums of East London, as they discover what it truly means to Keep Christmas Well.

Peppered with original drawings by Samuel Morgainne Blight, Jason C. McDonald’s original sequel to A Christmas Carol recaptures the whimsical voice of Charles Dickens, with a message that is as fresh and relevant today as it was 175 years ago.

Also features Revisiting Dickens, an exclusive look at the history and creative process behind the story.

In honor of A Christmas Carol’s 175th anniversary, Finding Scrooge is uniquely designed to reflect the first edition of the classic, making it a fantastic Christmas gift for any Dickens fan!

Praise for Finding Scrooge

“If you’ve ever wanted to know what happened to Scrooge, Tiny Tim et al after A Christmas Carol, you can find out here! A lovely addition to the Christmas season, written by Jason C. McDonald.”

-Lucinda Dickens Hawksley
Author, Lecturer, Dickens Expert (Descendent)

I love the original Christmas Carol, so I was anxious to read Finding Scrooge, to see what it was like. When I did, I found a different Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who had been changed by his visit from the Spirit of Christmas. A man who was actually likable... Finding Scrooge is a delightful story. I strongly recommend it.

-Barbara Warren
Author, Editor

Jason has done a superb job with this novella about Scrooge and his family, friends, and colleagues after his one night experience with the 3 Spirits. This is a well researched, well-presented book in the 'Dickensian' style...I highly recommend this excellent, emotional, and well written book to everyone!

- Dr. Joseph Hageman
Member of Dickens Society and Dickens Fellowship

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Historical Fiction

Hardcover / Paperback / eBook
100 pages

01 Dec 2018

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