Love's Refining Fire

By Anne McDonald

Trouble has hit Jennifer Warner like an unrelenting firestorm.

The young widow of a murdered police officer loses her job and her home; and now her faith is reeling from the blows. Faced with the new-found knowledge that she has unwittingly befriended a criminal mastermind, Jennifer agrees to use her special gifts to help track him down. Where should she begin? Five million dollars worth of jewels are missing, and the suspect uses an alias and leaves no fingerprints.

Now someone is out for blood—hers.

Forced into hiding, Jennifer flees to northern Maine with her three-year-old daughter. While the new beginning promises her the chance for happiness, emotional demons from the past keep her from trusting the local doctor who has offered his friendship and his love. Jennifer's discovery of the killer's true identity draws the flames of intrigue tighter around her. When her daughter and surrogate mother disappear, Jennifer must battle a blizzard and her paralyzing fear of storms to find them. Will she arrive in time, and how will she free them?

Praise for Love's Refining Fire

"Love’s Refining Fire is a well-developed story of romance, intrigue and inspiration that carries readers from one side of the nation to the other with a full cast of characters. Jennifer Warner is a strong, spunky heroine you’ll enjoy rooting for through every step of her harrowing journey she struggles to protect her daughter, overcome old griefs, and build a new life."

-Donna Fletcher Crow

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Christian Fiction
Romantic Suspense

306 pages

15 Nov 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1-7323680-4-0



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